What would a hike in GST mean to you?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is toying with the idea of raising the GST from 10 to 15%, in a move the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling estimates would cost the average household $2915 a year.

It's a move engineered to go after low to middle income earners and would make it even harder for struggling families to make ends meet. 

What the Government should be doing is looking at ways to close the loopholes that allow big corporations to avoid their tax responsibilities altogether - not making life harder for everyday Australians who already pay their taxes.

We'd like to hear from you. What would a hike in GST mean to you? Would it make it harder to make ends meet? Could your family afford an extra $2915 a year?

Please tell us your story below.

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  • commented 2015-11-04 19:35:20 +1000
    It is families who are already ‘doing it hard’ that will be worse off specifically if fresh food, health and education is included. Fresh food is expensive now and seems to continually creeping up hit that with a 15% GST and people who are unemployed as I am will not be able to buy food. It’s difficult enough on benefits now to make ends meet.
  • commented 2015-11-04 07:25:47 +1000
    You did nothing about productivty, why would you worry about a GST hike, and why can’t we get our leave loading when we have annual

    Leave instead of being spread through the year?x? ??x?
  • commented 2015-11-03 21:38:58 +1000
    it’s not just the increase in the GST which is of Great Concern its the fact that there is talk of widening it to include fresh food ,education and private health care like they do in New Zealand this idea is terrible ,this government is creating a class of working poor.
  • commented 2015-11-03 12:07:51 +1000
    I have been retired of 12 years now part self funded live alone and debt free, what is it with the liberals afraid of hitting the big end of town while at the same time kicking those least able to afford it, yet those very people are whats make the economy.

    Its become obvious you are going to lift the GST to%15 but it will not be to bring the budget into balance because your spending like drunken sailors, if you fail to make it fair i predict it will cost you your place in government.