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United Voice To Keep On Campaigning

There’s been no shortage of bad news served up to Queensland workers since the Newman Government swept to power. Recently though, we had a win. As you may or may not know, the Newman Government announced sweeping changes to the Industrial Relations Act 1999 (Qld) in July last year. One change would have required all Queensland unions to ballot members before spending $10,000 or more for political purposes.  Continue reading

Health professionals ready for “fight of their lives”

About 80 health professionals endorsed one of the biggest ever union campaigns to fight against outsourcing in Queensland Hospitals last night. Radiographers, sonographers, radiation/cancer care therapists and oral health professionals met at the unions Peel Street office to discuss the looming threat of privatisation. Continue reading

What it's really like to be Australia's most trusted professionals

In this special United Voice TV bulletin we focus on ambulance officers and what it's really like to work in Australia's most trusted profession. We take a behind the scenes look at life as an ambulance officer and talk to our members about the  difficult situations they face every day and how they cope with the trauma and effects of the job. Ambulance officers also discuss the recent arbitration decision and how they feel this government is treating emergency service workers. Continue reading