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Latest Union News bulletin

Our latest union news covers one of the biggest ever wins for cleaners, an update on our education campaigns and the ambulance arbitration decision. Continue reading

'A Perfect Day' - A Group of Cleaners Celebrate A Win

When a group of cleaners – most of them foreign students - realised they were being underpaid, many of them weren’t confident they would be able to fight back. Even so, the cleaners - employed  by contract cleaning company Assetlink - decided to take matters into their own hands, band together and stand up for their rights. After asking their union United Voice for help, the situation was investigated and a legal claim against their employer was launched. Continue reading

Newman's lies putting lives in danger

Branch Secretary Gary Bullock has called on the Newman Government to stop lying about the state of Queensland’s hospitals. It comes as it was revealed over the weekend that an ambulance transporting a heart attack patient was turned away from three hospitals in Brisbane before eventually being directed to Ipswich, almost 60 km from where the patient was picked up.   Continue reading