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Big Steps Rocks Rockhampton

Rockhampton has welcomed the Big Steps campaign to deliver professional wages to the early childhood sector.  Rockhampton Deputy Mayor, Tony Williams, was there to see the official Mackay launch of the Big Steps TV ad last weekend.  Continue reading

Parents on board in Mackay

The ‘Big Steps’ TV ad campaign has made its latest stop in Mackay, with another successful event highlighting issues in the childcare sector.   Continue reading

Two Big Wins for Our United Voice

In just a few days we mobilised nearly 5000 supporters. We inundated Campbell Newman’s office with almost 2000 emails. We marched on his office. And we dominated the TV news for 4 of the last 6 days (at one stage we even beat the Olympics as first story). And the result has been swift. The government has backed-down on plans to dismantle BreastScreen Queensland and to contract out state school cleaning Continue reading