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Capalaba Sports Club Win

In a great win for union members, workers at Capalaba Sports Club are celebrating after the Club publicly announced its decision to terminate its relationship with Hospitality X and to again directly employ its casual workforce. The move will mean casual staff will again be employed under award conditions, which means a reintroduction of their penalty rates. "For workers who’ve battled for months to win back their penalty rates, it’s a great win and we would like to offer our congratulations to them all," United Voice Coordinator Damien Davie said. It goes to show the immense power workers can have when they’re willing to stand together and fight for what’s fair. “However, we do find it disappointing that this club appears to have moved only after months of public campaigning hit their coffers, rather than out of sense of remorse for financially short-changing their own employees.     Continue reading

Donate to Dulux Workers

Dulux workers are currently undergoing unpaid industrial action to fight for their rights to a fair agreement. These longterm, loyal workers - many of who stand to lose their jobs next year when the facility downsizes - are fighting for the removal of a cap on their redundancy payouts and sick leave entitlements. But while they remain unpaid, they and their families are doing it tough. That's why United Voice has set up a page for those who wish to make a donation to help these workers pay expenses while industrial action continues. 100 percent of donations will go to the Dulux workers. Click here to make a donation today.

Bunnings Customers Warned of Looming Paint Shortages

Paint customers are being warned to stock up now on Dulux paints, with flyers warning that supply shortages are imminent being distributed today at Bunnings’ stores. Workers at Dulux’s only Australian paint factory are on day two of indefinite industrial action outside the facility. “Many of these workers stand to lose their jobs next year after the Rocklea facility downsizes,” United Voice Branch Secretary Gary Bullock  explained. “They’ve been asking the company to remove its cap on redundancy payouts. “Many of them have worked here for decades and have stuck with the company through thick and thin. Five years ago, they worked around the clock to get their facility back up and running after the Brisbane floods.”   Continue reading