Ambulance Officers and Fire fighters launch joint campaign

ambopresser_web_sm.jpgMembers of the emergency services have launched a joint campaign against what’s been described as a ‘mean and nasty’ eb offer by government.

Angry ambulance officers and fire fighters met earlier to outline their joint action which will include rallies, protests and a major TV ad campaign against the governments attack on emergency services.

It comes following the governments ‘disastrous’ offer on Friday which effectively means paramedics will lose thousands of dollars a year.

In an unprecedented move, ambulance officers and fire fighters will march to Parliament on August 1st while they also have not ruled out industrial action.

United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock says “we will not take this unwarranted attack lying down- we are putting the government on warning that we will be marching through the streets of every city in Queensland.”

Meanwhile it’s emerged that the Premier removed an open letter from an ambulance officer on his Facebook page yesterday morning.

However the letter has since received over 26,000 likes and is growing.

Gary Bullock described the Premiers actions as a sneaky attempt to shut down free speech and silence ambulance officers which has back fired on him big time.

“His team should know that once a post has that big an audience, you can’t just delete it- so not only was it politically silly, it shows they just don’t get social media.”

Ambulance officers and fire fighters will demonstrate just how angry they are with the government when they join other unions in a mass public rally this evening.

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