Ambulance Officers and Firefighters launch TV AD campaign

United Voice, the ambulance officers’ union and the United Firefighters Union are stepping up their joint campaign against the Newman Government’s attempts to downgrade Emergency Services.

In an unprecedented step, both arms of the emergency service united in response to an unwarranted attack by government on their working conditions.

Today, firefighters and ambulance officers will launch the next phase in their campaign by unveiling their TV and online advertising blitz.

Secretary of the United Firefighters Union, John Oliver, says “The government is demanding that front line emergency service workers are silenced but to fully protect the community we need to be free to speak up”.

“Indiscriminate cost cutting of emergency services and attacks on ambulance officers and firefighters are serious matters of public interest”.

United Voice Queensland Secretary, Gary Bullock, says “Following two major rallies in as many months, today we are ramping up our campaign even further by launching our TV ad blitz.”

“We warned Campbell Newman that Queensland Emergency Service workers would not stand for any downgrading of services or cost cutting measures that put the community at risk.”

“We said over two months ago at the start of this campaign that spending money on a media campaign and taking strike action would be a last resort but the Premier has refused to listen to our concerns and refused to engage with us, he has left us with no choice.”

“Firefighters have already started rolling strike action and our members have been forced to consider going down this route also.”

For further information contact Susan Butler on 0428189130

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