Ambulance Officers discuss pay dispute amid proposed changes to Industrial Relations Act

Today’s meeting between Ambulance Officers and the Minister for Police and Community Safety comes as Officers raise concern over  changes to the Industrial Relations Act.

United Voice, the professional Ambulance Officers Union is particularly concerned about the effect the proposed Ministerial declarations to terminate protected industrial action will have.

Queensland branch Secretary of United Voice, Gary Bullock says “we are worried that this clause has the potential to be misused as a tool to shut down industrial action”.

It comes as seven Ambulance State Councillors accompany Mr Bullock to meet Minister Jack Dempsey to outline their concern over pay and conditions.

They say if the Minister refuses to listen they will have no choice but to consider industrial action to win a fair pay increase.

Ambulance Officers in Queensland are among the lowest paid in the country, despite the fact they are consistently rated as the most trusted profession, while heavy workloads, driver fatigue and hospital ramping are all major areas of concern.

“Another cause for concern is the requirement to give consideration to the state’s fiscal strategy when determining wage negotiations by arbitration- if we apply this directly to what’s going on with our Ambulance Officers, they will want interstate wages taken into account, which is completely justifiable.”

Members of the delegation will address the media on the outcome of discussions with the Minister after today’s meeting.

If you plan on attending today's media briefing please contact Susan Butler on 0428 189130 or 0732914610

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