Ambulance Officers will not be silenced by Newman

ambos-silence-photo_web_sm.jpgAs Campbell Newman celebrates 100 days in Government, Ambulance Officers sent a clear warning to the Premier this afternoon that they will not be silenced.

They were protesting over Government plans to merge the Ambulance Service with Queensland Health. Officers say the move will be disastrous. Despite Mr Newman’s claims it will fix ramping, those on the frontline say this is simply not the case. Ambulance Officers are also frustrated they heard about this move through the media and not via any form of consultation or discussion with Government.

Today’s protest comes as Ambulance Officers are still waiting for an enterprise bargaining offer from Government. There are fears that it could be along the lines of that delivered to Fire Officers last week which will effectively dilute any decision making powers they have. Officers claim this will not only mean they'll have no say in the vital service they provide but it will also impact on the community at large.

Through their demonstration at the Executive Building today, Ambulance Officers gave a very clear message to Campbell Newman. They will not be stand for any attempts by Government to silence them and will fight any plans to move them under Queensland Health.

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