Another unjust attack on hospitality workers

United Voice, the hospitality workers union, has hit out at comments made by a Sunshine Coast tourism chief calling for penalty rates to be scrapped.

United Voice Queensland Secretary, Gary Bullock, says “First employers target workers over penalty rates, and now our members are being criticised by a tourism group - it feels like a witch hunt.”

“The weekend wage war has been fought time and time again but at the end of the day, scrapping penalty rates means workers would be down around $150 in their wage packet.”

“In Australian culture there’s something special about the weekend. It’s when family and friends spend time together and what we’ve long believed is that when workers lose that time they deserve a bit of extra compensation in their pay to make up for it.”

“Now employers are saying they want to take away the entitlements these workers receive for doing the hours no one else wants to do - it’s just not right.”

 “Most Australians are sick and tired of businesses constantly looking for new ways of making life more difficult for ordinary hardworking people.”

“And that’s all this is – another attempt by business leaders to take money out of the pockets of those that have worked hard to earn it.”

 “Let’s face it - these wealthy employers avoid working weekends while United Voice members provide the services we all depend on, often around the clock on modest wages.”

 “As for the 6 days straight proposal- it is a con because restaurants don’t open Mondays or Tuesdays as they are the slowest days.  A worker could be rostered to work every single Sunday – never spend a Sunday with their kids - and never receive a single extra cent.”

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