Big Steps in childcare campaign continues to make a difference

Our Big Steps in early childhood education and care campaign is going from strength to strength but we need to start looking at ways we can all generate some extra publicity and get our message out there.

We all know the most effective way of making more people aware of an issue is by talking about it- so get out there and start telling your friends, neighbours, colleagues and family about ‘Big Steps’.

There are also lots of opportunities to get the media involved in the campaign. Get in touch with your local newspaper, radio or TV station. Invite them to attend meetings to hear what we have to say. Write a letter outlining the problems in the current childcare system, the fact wages are so low that our best educators are leaving to get jobs with better pay. Tell them YOUR story, YOUR circumstances, the situation in the centre YOU work in. You’d be surprised how many people are unaware of the problems with our childcare system - so it’s up to all of us to use any opportunity possible to generate more support for our campaign.

Another way of highlighting the issue is by writing to your local MP and that’s exactly what one of our members in Dakabin did. Lynn, who’s the director of Little Legends early learning centre got in touch with her local MP, told him about the campaign and the problems her and her staff face every day and asked him what is he going to do about it? Lynn also did an interview with her local newspaper outlining the low wages educators earn and explaining that so many are leaving the profession simply because they cannot survive on the pay.

To read Lynn’s article go to :

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