Bundaberg Hospital puts lives at risk with new patient transport ‘van’

The decision by Queensland Health to set up a local patient transport service is another example of the hospital cutting corners to save money.

It’s been confirmed that the hospital will roll out a ‘large van’ which will accommodate patients on stretchers, wheelchairs and normal seating.

It will not be operated by highly skilled ambulance officers but instead drivers will be trained and a nurse will be available just for ‘clinical cases’

Health Services Co-ordinator with United Voice, the union representing ambulance officers, Jeanette Temperley says “this decision is shocking, it has been taken without consultation and clearly puts lives at risk”

Ms Temperley added “this ‘van’ will not be operated by trained ambulance officers so what happens in the case of an emergency? It feels like the Government really doesn’t care about people in Bundaberg as long as they can cut some costs”

It’s claimed the move will result in significant savings but in reality it is taking funding away from the ambulance service to plug holes in Queensland Health’s budget.

Ambulance Officers feel betrayed and let down by the system and are gravely concerned by the fact patient care is once again neglected in favour of cost cutting.

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