Capalaba Sports Club Win


In a great win for union members, workers at Capalaba Sports Club are celebrating after the Club publicly announced its decision to terminate its relationship with Hospitality X and to again directly employ its casual workforce.

The move will mean casual staff will again be employed under award conditions, which means a reintroduction of their penalty rates.

"For workers who’ve battled for months to win back their penalty rates, it’s a great win and we would like to offer our congratulations to them all," United Voice Coordinator Damien Davie said.

It goes to show the immense power workers can have when they’re willing to stand together and fight for what’s fair.

“However, we do find it disappointing that this club appears to have moved only after months of public campaigning hit their coffers, rather than out of sense of remorse for financially short-changing their own employees.



“For workers who’ve given up months worth of weekends with family and friends and not earned a cent in penalty rates, there’s no getting back the income they’ve lost.”

Former Capalaba Sports Club worker Samarah Wilson, who sparked the large-scale public campaign by first speaking out about the Hospitality X agreement, says that the win is bitter-sweet.

 “All I ever wanted was for the club to back down on its decision to outsource its casual workers to Hospitality X and apologise,” she said.

“They’ve pulled out of the agreement, which is great, but they’re not acknowledging they’ve done anything wrong and they certainly aren’t apologising to the workers they’ve short-changed for months.

“There’s no way those workers can earn back the thousands they’ve lost in income now, but at least now they can expect to be paid penalty rates again in the future.”

Capalaba Sports Club brought Hospitality X in to manage its casual workforce in May 2015. Casual workers were forced to sign onto the Hospitality X agreement, which meant agreeing to a clause that removed their right to earn penalty rates

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