Childcare campaigners lobby local MP

For too long highly qualified Childcare Educators have earned just $18 an hour for one of the most important jobs in our community, caring for our children.

On Monday (June 4th) they will meet with Capricornia’s local Labor MP, Kirsten Livermore and call on her to support their campaign for professional wages.

It is part of a national initiative called ‘Big Steps in early childhood education and care’ which aims to fix the current crisis in the sector by securing the federal funding that’s desperately needed.

Queensland Secretary of United Voice Gary Bullock says “At the moment $18.06 hourly rates are forcing many workers to leave the sector for jobs with better pay.”

“It means we are losing our best educators because they simply cannot survive on these rates - all they want is a professional wage for the valuable work they do.”

”We’ve identified 1.4 billion dollars in funding is needed from the Government to get things back on track and recent reports suggest that Prime Minister Julia Gillard is actively considering allocating much needed funds to the sector. ”

“This means the issue is now firmly on the Government agenda so Monday evening when a delegation of our members meet Ms Livermore we’ll be asking her to support our campaign and to speak up for the childcare professionals she represents in her electorate.”

“We want her to take the message with her to Government that this is an urgent issue which needs to be addressed immediately.”

“We need a commitment that the Government is prepared to back Childcare Educators and enable them to get a professional wage for the important work they do.”

“After all, an improved childcare sector will benefit educators, parents and most importantly, children.”


To arrange interviews with an Educator, Director and/or a parent please contact Susan Butler on 0428 189 130/073 291 4610

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