Cleaners make some noise outside Commonwealth Bank

commBankRally-jul27_web_sm.jpgOver 100 cleaners and their supporters surrounded Commonwealth Bank in Brisbane last Friday protesting over below par pay and conditions at the shopping centres owned by the bank.

It’s all part of the Cleanstart campaign to secure a better deal for cleaners.

They targeted Commonwealth Bank because it is cutting back on cleaning contracts at the shopping centres it owns meaning those working there are suffering.

Queensland Secretary of United Voice Gary Bullock says “we’ve had enough of cleaners being treated badly and ignored by the owners of shopping centres they clean for low wages and terrible working conditions.”

Mr Bullock added that last year alone the bank made $6,835 billion in profits while in contrast those who clean the centres it owns are struggling to survive on just $34,000 a year.

He says “it’s ridiculous that the bank is crying poor when we all know this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

“Cleaners are the ones who suffer as there’s no money to ensure there’s enough staff or to pay proper wages.”

He also says “scaling back resources for cleaning has an effect on the public putting them at risk, particularly in the height of flu season.”

Mr Bullock concluded “these banks need to realise that they can’t just take our money and invest only in themselves, while the public needs to tell them this by supporting cleaner shopping centres and good jobs.”

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