Cleaners protest during busy lunchtime rush at CommBank

Cleaners and their supporters will converge on Commonwealth Bank today at noon to prove that a living wage may be small change to the bank but is what workers deserve.

The large group will each deposit a small amount of money into a bank account set up as part of an ongoing campaign against Australia’s wealthiest bank.

United Voice State Secretary Gary Bullock says “It’ll be an exercise which will cause disruption during the busy lunchtime period but will hopefully prompt CommBank into taking some action.”

“We are targeting the bank because it owns shopping centres where cleaners are over worked, underpaid, struggling to survive and to do their jobs properly.”

“The buck literally stops with Commonwealth Bank as it owns and manages shopping centres through its retail arm, Colonial First State Global Asset Management.”

“Shopping centre cleaners are some of Australia's lowest paid workers. On just $17 an hour, they can't make ends meet despite working for some of our country’s wealthiest corporations.”

“This bank was recently named one of the most profitable financial institutions in the world, posting a mammoth profit of over $7 billion but they refuse to pay cleaners a decent wage.”

"Everyone is familiar with the bank’s latest advertising campaign telling all of us we ‘CAN’ but the reality is, for shopping centre cleaners in CommBank owned centres, they simply CAN’T.”

“We have launched a new website,, to let Commonwealth Bank shareholders, customers and the public know about the reality of life as a CommBank shopping centre cleaner.”

“Today we will be once again reminding all those associated with the bank of this reality and hopefully prompting them to stand up and take some action for shopping centre cleaners.” 

For further information contact Susan Butler on 0428189130

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