Cleaners rally for a better deal

United Voice, the cleaners’ union, will descend on Queensland shopping centres today to demand better conditions for its members.

It’s all part of International Cleaners Day which will see cleaners and their supporters gather at different centres to highlight the poor pay and working conditions they face every day.

Queensland Secretary of United Voice, Gary Bullock, says “We want shopping centre owners to do the right thing and give cleaners the fair working conditions and pay they are entitled to.”

“Our members are struggling to survive on poverty wages while many of the CEO’s of the companies they work for earn as much as 200 times more than they do.”

“However they still refuse to bring the pay and working conditions of cleaners up to the Clean Start standard which was agreed a number of years ago and operates in many CBDs across the country.”

“Our research shows it would be a drop in the ocean for these highly profitable companies to make sure those who clean their shopping centres get the pay and rights they are entitled to.”

 “Today, on International Cleaners Day, I would appeal to all the owners of retail centres to think twice, make some changes and give cleaners what they deserve.”


Cleaners and their supporters will rally at shopping centres this morning and afternoon- for further information contact Susan Butler on 0428 189130

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