Coalition playing politics with our children’s education

United Voice, the early childhood education and care union, has slammed federal opposition plans to roll back on key childcare reforms.

It’s reported in The Australian that federal opposition childcare spokesperson, Sussan Ley, wants to get rid of vital reforms including child/educator ratio and the qualification level needed to work in the sector.

United Voice Queensland Secretary, Gary Bullock, says “these reforms were introduced to develop better standards in childcare so parents would know their children are receiving the best quality care in the safest environment possible”.

“It’s not about money or politics - but improving safety standards, educator/child ratio and learning practices, all vital for our children’s development.”

“The National Quality Framework was agreed on by all states and is an amalgamation of best practice across Australia - it was implemented for a reason - to make sure our children get the best care possible.  For the opposition to be looking at a rollback on this is absolute madness.”

“Research shows that 80% of a child’s brain develops before they are three years old, therefore early education is crucial and we need the best framework to ensure this is possible.”

“For Ms Ley to say that some of these regulations are ‘unnecessary’ is insulting and frankly quite frightening for a parent to hear.”

“What we should be focusing on now is improving the sector and ensuring the highly skilled workers in the industry do not leave - that’s why we are currently fighting for professional wages.”

“There are enough issues in the sector with the wages crisis - to undo the good work of the National Quality Framework is just political game playing pure and simple.”

“We can’t afford to play politics with our children’s education.”

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