Countdown to Labour Day begins

It’s that time of year again and our members are gearing up for the most important day in our union’s calendar.

Although the Newman Government decided to change the date and insist on holding the public holiday in October, we are still celebrating it on the first Sunday in May.

May 5th will see thousands of union members across Queensland take part in marches and celebrations marking this important day.

Every year our members out do themselves and we know the 2013 celebrations are going to be bigger than ever.

For over 100 years, workers have celebrated and remembered those who struggled and succeeded to ensure decent and fair working conditions for all Australians.

One of the first Labour Day marches took place in Queensland on May 1st 1891 where workers celebrated achieving an ‘eight hour working day’ and other improved working conditions.

This year in Queensland, workers will not only be marking past achievements but also looking to future goals for worker’s rights.

Queenslanders have had a tough 12 months since Campbell Newman became Premier and decided to make life as difficult as possible for ordinary hard working people.

Thousands have lost their jobs, had their wages and conditions cut and are now living in uncertainty as to what the future holds.

On Labour Day, May 5th, we will be standing together and marching through every town in Queensland letting this government know that we will continue to fight for workers rights.

Make sure you don’t miss out on your local Labour Day celebrations, keep an eye on this website for updates on what is planned for your area on May 5th.

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