Don’t break our hearts Mr Swan

IMG_4320.JPGTreasurer, Wayne Swan received a Valentine’s Day card from early childhood educators calling on him to invest in them.

The Big Steps team is targeting Mr Swan’s seat in Lilley to try and change his mind about allocating Federal funding for childcare.



We've stepped up our campaign in Lilley over the past few weeks with high visibility actions, door knocking and informing the public about the Big Steps campaign.

For Valentine’s Day about 30 childcare workers visited Wayne Swan’s office and gave his staff a card calling on him not to break their hearts and invest in wages.

United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock says “At the moment childcare workers are struggling to pay their mortgages, feed their families or put their kids through school because wages are so low.”

“We need Mr Swan to step up, support childcare workers and allocate the funding. We will keep targeting his electorate until he changes his mind on the issue.”

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