Funding commitment on childcare needed now more than ever

The Government needs to get serious about childcare and allocate the funding desperately needed to fix the crisis facing the sector.

Reports today show the cost of childcare is continuing to cause huge problems for parents with many exceeding the rebate rate and a fear now emerging that it may lead to increased hardship for families.

At the same time, childcare workers are facing similar struggles - wages are so low in the sector it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find, train and keep staff.

At the moment many childcare workers earn just 18 dollars an hour - they can’t survive on this rate and so many of our best educators are leaving for jobs with better pay.

United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock says “Government funding to deliver a wage increase without increasing fees is the only solution, we can’t go on with both parents and educators struggling to survive.

“We need to pump money into the sector in order to pay our workers a professional wage and ensure our children get the best care, but we have to also make sure parents don’t incur any more expense.”

These latest reports coincide with a major campaign by United Voice and childcare workers, the ‘Big steps in childcare campaign’, which aims to highlight and fix the problems in the sector.

Mr Bullock says, “Today's reports only reinforce the need for the Government to act now and ensure the best possible resources are in place to ensure children get the best care possible.”


For interviews with early childhood educators and/or parents please contact:

Susan Butler: 0428 189130/0732914610

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