Funding for childcare sector needs to benefit educators, parents and children

United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock has welcomed the news that finally the Government is prepared to address the problems in the childcare sector.

It was revealed over the weekend that Prime Minister Julia Gillard is looking into providing new funding assistance for the early childhood sector.

The news coincides with a high profile campaign by the childcare workers union, United Voice which is calling on the Government to allocate 1.4 billion dollars in funding to the sector. The “Big Steps in Childcare campaign” wants professional wages for early childhood educators.

Mr Bullock says “The industry is in crisis as 18 dollar an hour wages are forcing many of the best educators to leave the profession in search of jobs with better pay”.

“Both workers and the Government seem to want the same thing- a better childcare service but not at a cost to parents.”

“United Voice is seeking urgent discussions with the Government to progress this latest development, specifically we are looking for a funding commitment to help close the wages gap in the early childhood education sector – we need to stop the mass exodus of  workers from the industry.”

 “The critical issue in fixing the current problems in the childcare sector has to be a funding system which benefits educators, parents and most importantly children.”

To arrange an interview with a local childcare worker contact Susan Butler: 0428189130

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