Government commitment on childcare wages needs to become a reality

The Prime Minister has announced she is committed to solving the current crisis in child care by addressing three key issues namely quality assurance, rising fees and low wages.

United Voice welcomes the news but calls on Julia Gillard to ensure this promise becomes a reality.

Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock says “Our main concern is that child care educators earn a professional wage for the valuable work they do and we are glad the Prime Minister acknowledges this also”.

“We are delighted the Government has given a commitment on this issue but we need to be sure this is followed through.”

“We all know that childcare educators cannot survive on $18.06 an hour but none of us want to see parents pay higher fees either.”

“That’s why we have consistently said that any measures to combat fee hikes must also take into consideration the wages crisis.”

“We are delighted Julia Gillard has heard our message and is prepared to act to make real changes to this ailing sector.”

 “We look forward to working with the Government to ensure these changes happen sooner rather than later so we can have the best possible childcare system for educators, parents and most importantly our children.”

To arrange an interview with Gary Bullock please contact Susan Butler on 0428 189130.


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