Government forces ambulance officers down the Industrial Relations Commission route

The Newman Government has refused to negotiate in good faith with ambulance officers and instead ignored their valid concerns over community safety, according to United Voice.

They’ve now referred a dispute over conditions and safety to Queensland Industrial Relations Commission instead of listening to ambulance officers concerns and negotiating a fair outcome.

United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock says “We really hoped this day would not come. We hoped the government would listen to our concerns and negotiate in good faith.”

“Instead they are trying to use the industrial relations laws to put an end to our campaign of opposition to this government’s attempts to downgrade our emergency services.”

“It’s no coincidence that Campbell Newman decided to wash his hands of these negotiations the very day we launched our TV advertising campaign highlighting the effect these cuts will have on the community.”

“We have called on this government on many occasions to guarantee that cost cutting will not impact on officer and public safety but it’s a guarantee they will not give.”

“It’s clear that this government is determined to ruin Queensland emergency services and if they continue down this path Campbell Newman will have blood on his hands.”

“Last Wednesday we took the unprecedented step of launching a joint TV advertising campaign with the United Firefighters Union, it was a route none of our members wanted to go down but this government has forced us to take such action.”

“Now they will not even face us and negotiate the terms of our enterprise bargaining agreement- it’s clear this government does not care about our ambulance service and morale among members has plummeted.”

“Now we are facing a long, protracted, and drawn out process through the commission in order to make sure emergency service workers can do their jobs properly and are kept safe.”

“It’s a sad day for ambulance officers but we know we have the support of the community and we will fight for as long as it takes to keep the community safe.”

For further information contact Susan Butler on 0428189130

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