Help Get Kylie Muscat Reinstated To Her Role

Earlier this week, United Voice delegate and Corrections Officer Kylie Muscat was stood down from her role after raising serious safety concerns about Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre in the media.

Last Friday, a colleague of Kylie's was assaulted while at work at Arthur Gorrie. Tensions at the prison have escalated following a significant increase in prisoner numbers, resourcing issues and a smoking ban implemented earlier in the year. 

Kylie was worried for both her own safety and that of her colleagues, so she spoke to media on Tuesday - with full union backing and support.

A few hours later, Kylie was notified by GEO Group - the company managing the prison - that she was being stood down on full pay.

For Kylie to raise such significant safety issues took serious courage. Union delegates need to be able to raise workplace safety issues publicly - particularly ones with such potentially serious implications. 

We have put together a petition to GEO Group and the Queensland Government calling for Kylie's immediate reinstatement. Please add your voice to it and forward it to your family and friends. 

Let's show Kylie she has our full support.

To access the petition, click here.

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