International Cleaners Day celebrated

Sunday 15th of June was International Cleaners Day, with lots of celebrations across the state. It’s a day for us to acknowledge the hard work and important contribution our members make to the local community. While also an opportunity for cleaners to get together and celebrate the important job they do.



For school cleaners, schools organised events throughout the week leading up to International Cleaners Day. There were plenty of morning teas and other festivities to show school cleaners how much they are valued and how important they are to school communities.

In conjunction with International Cleaners Day, school cleaners launched their campaign against outsourcing called “Keep our school cleaners public and proud”.  It comes as the Newman Government refuses to give a commitment that school cleaning will not be privatised after their Certified Agreement expires in January of next year. Everyone knows school cleaners are an integral part of the school community. They do so much more than making sure students have a safe and hygienic learning environment. Like all services that are privatised, if school cleaning is outsourced, profits will come before everything else and there’ll be less time and fewer resources to do this important job. Plus contract cleaners will not play the same vital role school cleaners do in their school communities.

To find out more information about school cleaner’s campaign click here.

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