Labor leader visits West End Childcare Centre

There was great excitement at West End Childcare Centre when Labor leader Bill Shorten, Shadow Minister for Education Kate Ellis and Griffith election candidate Terri Butler stopped by for a visit.

The trio took time to see all the rooms in the centre, chat with educators and even managed to read a story to a group of toddlers.

Centre director, Gemma Casey and her staff are heavily involved in the Big Steps campaign for professional wages for educators and they took the opportunity to speak to Bill Shorten about the Abbott Government's funding backflip.

One educator Jamie- Lee White told Bill Shorten that she was devastated by Tony Abbott’s decision to disregard the Early Years Quality Fund- a fund set up by the former Labor Government to ensure a wage increase for low paid childcare workers.

Jamie- Lee told the Labor leader about the dedicated work all educators do, working outside hours, weekends and often bringing work home with them. She said everyone was devastated that they would no longer receive the professional wages they were promised.

She also said that through the Big Steps campaign, educators are committed to fighting the Abbott Government for professional wages for the professional jobs they do.

Bill Shorten also told a media conference at the centre that he was sick of the broken promises by the Abbott Government especially in relation to childcare.

He spoke about the importance of early childhood education and the valuable work educators do, “educating our most precious commodity- our kids”

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