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    Please find below a copy of the Facebook message, as sent to our Premier, Campbell Newman, regarding the closure of Wynnum Hospital and Moreton Bay Nursing Care Unit. The response, or lack there of, I received can be viewed on his Facebook page. I’m attempting to rally support to see these facilities spared the axe by this State Governments policy of budget cut backs at any cost.

    As an on-going member and supporter of my Union, I would appreciate any help or advice you can provide.

    Kindest regards

    Michelle Rafter.

    Mr. Newman. I hope you or any of your family members never have to go through the emotionally difficult process of placing a loved one into an aged care facility. I wouldn’t wish that on any family! The only thing which made it bearable was the concern, care and obvious compassion of the staff. These people always put their residents and patients needs above their own without any complaints. Nothing is ever too much trouble and my loved one is nurtured, fed, medicated and above all, treated with respect and dignity. By closing Moreton Bay Nursing Care Unit, you will be denying our elderly and infirmed the right to live a life enriched by these dedicated staff, volunteers and carers. If cost is a factor in this decision, then perhaps you can explain to me why when my sons volunteered to carry out some much needed repairs, they were not allowed to. They are both tradesmen with many years of experience and knowledge behind them. If the building is at risk of falling down around their ears, then what harm can be done by a group of tradesmen willing and able to donate their own time, materials and labour? Workplace, Health and Safety is part of their everyday working lives, so it can’t be that, can it? How many of the residents have family members offering to do the same, only to be knocked back? Schools have “working bees” so why not this facility? Now I am left to wonder how I’ll ever be able to afford to place my loved one in a privately run facility. I’ve worked all my life, since the age of 15, until I took up the difficult, but rewarding challenge of becoming a full-time carer. I didn’t access any benefits I may have been entitled to, so don’t even consider trying that line with me. I am just so disgusted at your governments total disregard for those less fortunate than yourself. PLEASE reconsider the decision to close our much needed hospital and aged care facility before, yet another life is lost due to ignorance and cost cutting. Oh. By the way. Don’t think this is the only avenue I’ve taken to get my message across. I’ve been in touch with media and on-line forums as well. I’m not going to give up on Wynnum without a fight.
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