Members call on government to keep their word

Labor gave commitments to ambulance officers, school cleaners, teacher aides, health professionals and many other United Voice members before the election. Now it's time for them to follow through on these promises. This video outlines what members want from the Labor Government. They just want them to stick to their word.

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  • commented 2015-04-21 20:48:10 +1000
    An outstanding plea on behalf of United Voice Members who are working in so many fields to improve service delivery in Queensland and in the other states.

    As grants to the states and territories are likely to be cut back again on 12 May in Joe Hockey’s second budget, the financial challenges facing the new Queensland Labor Government are immense.

    Hopefully, United Voice and the other unions will co-operate in a national campaign against the federal budget with its consequences for service delivery in Queensland.

    At the ALP National Conference later this year, delegates must demand better funding processes and a fairer taxation system for Prime Minister Shorten after the next federal election.

    The current national ALP platform needs far more policy specifics in the complex areas of Commonwealth-state financial relations.

    The ALP and trade union delegates to National Conference must demand alternatives to higher GST regimes which will penalise disadvantaged families while the nation’s elites often avoid paying their share of income and company taxes through quasi-legal avoidance mechanisms.

    Nearly half of Queensland’s state budget is derived from Canberra in GST revenue sharing and the remnants of grants from health, education, transport and disability services.

    Even the LNP Government of NSW was appalled by the first Hockey Budget:

    “There is no point pretending that the broken agreements of the Federal Budget won’t hurt the people of New South Wales. However, the prudent decisions this government has taken over three years means we are able to cushion the blow of these cuts.

    The Commonwealth should suspend its cuts until a review of the federation can be completed. In the next four years alone, $2.0 billion will be wiped off our books with National Partnerships and agreements in health, education and pensioner and senior concessions cut off by Canberra.

    Beyond the forward estimates the problem grows – leaving the states $80 billion worse off. " NSW LNP Treasurer’s Budget Paper No.1 2014-15

    On a visit to South Australia in 2011, I contracted meningococcal and was confined to Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) for almost two months. I have not forgotten the wonderful care offered by hospital staff in both Strathalbyn and Adelaide.

    Without the prompt air ambulance transfer to Adelaide, I certainly would not be typing this appreciation.

    It is a political myth that only the private sector can offer better health service delivery.

    If United Voice did not speak up, this LNP myth would only become more outrageous.

    Currently, Australia provides the remnants of a national health scheme at half the GDP percentage cost of its US counterpart which relies more on the market model.

    So much more needs to be done in dental health care, preventative health and other specialist health and disability care.

    Hopefully, the whole working nation will mobilise after the Hockey Budget on 12 May to demand alternatives to more cut-backs and austerity.

    (For an alternative slant to news commentaries, I would recommend that United Voice Members take a look at the Australian Independent Media Network (AIMN) site which is accessible through Google. There are many news commentaries and feature articles each week from a variety of critical viewpoints. The AIMN also has a Facebook page).