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Over the next few weeks the Fair Work Commission will decide how much to increase Australia’s minimum wage, effectively deciding what wage millions of workers should live on. The minimum wage increase also sets a benchmark for millions more workers whose hourly rate is tied to the minimum wage.

Already the bosses and their unions are queuing up calling for a very small increase. The ACTU has proposed an increase of $30 a week – not enough we reckon but an affordable increase that would take some pressure of working families.

You see, the problem is the Commissions only ever hears from the government, employers and the ACTU. They never hear from you – working people whose day to day lives will be impacted by their decision.

We’re going to change that. We want to flood the Commission with submissions from everyday Australians. Let’s tell them exactly how hard it can get to make ends meet, how costs to care for our families keep going up, and how $30 a week is a fair and affordable outcome.

We’re also looking for volunteers to appear in person at the Fair Work Commission’s consultation process - to be the voice of United Voice members.

We’ll arrange for you to go to Sydney, tell your story to the Commission and outline why minimum wage workers need increased wages.

So enter your submission below, and you could end up being the voice of Queensland workers.

This is our chance to make a real change, make sure you use it!

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  • commented 2013-05-02 15:38:58 +1000
    $30 a week extra a week would greatly help towards paying for those out of pocket expenses that my weekly pay does not cover. This is good for people whose pay is the same each week. For people who work casual or part-time it is questionable as to whether the employer gives them the same hours or reduces them. Their is still a lot of grey area that needs to be looked at and accounted for.
  • commented 2013-05-02 08:00:45 +1000
    I would be able to buy more food and fuel
  • commented 2013-05-02 08:00:45 +1000
    I would be able to buy more food and fuel
  • commented 2013-04-30 11:25:02 +1000
    A $30pw rise would mean for me a 4% increase in my basic pay. It could not possibly cover the increases in basic living expenses such as: yearly increased insurances and registrations, proposed electricity increase of 21%, petrol and gas increases which just seem to happen regardless of crude oil prices, meat prices which have not dropped even though the cessation of live exports has caused a glut of meat, not to mention The flow on effect of increased fuel prices on other basic foodstuffs and commodities. So I feel $30/week would be a bare minimum to try and catch up with the increases in the cost of living that continually happen without any control whatsoever.
  • commented 2013-04-30 09:26:44 +1000
    In the hospitality industry a Club may have 160 employees, but only managers, supervisors,Safety Advisors etc, are permanent employees, many loyal CASUAL employees work over 10 years, but their hours of work are not guaranteed,the employer can cut the hours to suit the business or at their discretion, some may be broght down to 3, 9, 13 hours a week, very unfair, these good loyal people are australias battlers and do need assistance, $ 30.00 is very much needed to help them live, pay rent etc.
  • commented 2013-04-30 09:03:37 +1000
    In hospitality industry employees are casual employees for over 10 years, working 9, 13, 23 hours, what ever the employer wishes, a person can not raise a family , pay rent, and live a normal life, $ 30.00 would be wonderful to assist these battlers.
  • commented 2013-04-29 22:07:18 +1000
    not enough considering rises in the cost of living…..
  • commented 2013-04-29 20:33:15 +1000
    While I’m sure $30 a week would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s wage, when you break that down on an average 76 hr week it’s less than $0.50 an hour. I know this would still place a huge burden on the small family business I think that big business and government agencies should be held accountable. The people who make the decisions on what the minimum wage should be could not begin to understand what it is like to go day to day and week to week not knowing whether you’ll have enough money to pay the next bill or for this weeks groceries.

    Maybe we should take away their housekeepers, PA’s expense accounts fuel cards and luxury cars and make them survive in rental accomodation in the inexpensive lower socioeconomic suburbs on their so called fair minimum wage.

    Or in my case they could come live in my middle class family hom, drive my 10yr old car, take my three year qualification and work the 12 hr rotating roster, face life and death, vomit and other unmentionable bodily fluids. Missing meals, family milestones and sleep. Then drive through road works knowing that the person controlling the traffic with the stop go sign is earning the same if not more than I do.

    If only these high paid politicians and CEO’s who worry more about profit margins and dividends than the welfare of the workers could live a day in the life of the everyday Australian.

    I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.
  • commented 2013-04-29 16:42:08 +1000
    $30 a weeks is not a fair rise as a percentage of what the person whould earn over 1 day it is very minimal.
  • commented 2013-04-29 14:46:02 +1000
    The $30.00 increase won’t even pay for a tank of fuel for my car, the average family cannot exist on one income. After I sustained a permanent back injury at work, I can never work again. My husband had to retire in order to pay the cost of raising a 12 & 14 yr old and to be able pay home repayment, insurance, including health insurance which we now have to drop because we just can’t afford to keep it any more. Rates including water rates and power continue to go up. The cost of staple foods including very basic fruit and veg, have skyrocketed. Fuel has also increased since the last increase in the minimum wage. These people need to live in the real world on the minimum wage they set for us, The money is almost gone, we are looking down the barrell of selling our home and living in cheaper accommodation which will have huge repercussions on the family. We are growing our own vegetables now to save money, we have chooks to supply eggs and other byproducts, we are making a huge effort not to claim a govt. benefit, but the time is approaching when we have no choice.
  • commented 2013-04-29 12:37:39 +1000
    That would help out alot. But how much tax will we pay out of that ?
  • commented 2013-04-29 11:52:10 +1000
    As a public servant working in a physical job, any increase would be appreciated. I think $30 would be nice, maybe even a bit more. But personally, I would put $30 towards transport costs. The cost of petrol is one area where I’m struggling and I think that goes for a lot of people.
  • commented 2013-04-29 09:52:07 +1000
    $30 per week will make it easier to pay the electricity bill which I have to pay off in installments. It will help pay for internet access so I can continue with further study at university. $30 per week will mean a better quality of vegetable in my groceries. $30 per week will help pay for the dietary supplements I need to keep my body working so that I can go to work every day. $30 per week is hardly a fortune but will make a small difference for people with children, aging parents and dependents with a disability.
  • commented 2013-04-29 09:41:09 +1000
    It means I’m closer to earning a reasonable wage. As a Teacher-aide my hourly rate is very low compaired to other jobs with less responsibility working outside Ed QLD.
  • commented 2013-04-29 09:33:05 +1000
    Every year we seem to go backwards financially. I work part time so that I’m at home to care for my children when they return home from school, one of whom has a neurological disorder. Without my contribution to my family’s income we would no doubt lose our home.

    I have applied on two occassions for the carer’s allowance to help with the financial costs associated with my son’s disorder but have been knocked back both times. I am on medication for depression and anxiety due to his disorder and the pressures that brings to bear emotionally and financially. I have increased the hours that I can work as much as I can. My husband works 10 hours a day. But still we go backwards.

    Even though I would only receive a pro rata increase no matter what the outcome of the minimum wage decision, every little bit does make a difference.

    We are what I’d call a middle class family. I have no idea how lower income families cope. Maybe they don’t. Someone needs to ensure that all Australians continue to be able to make ends meet.
  • commented 2013-04-29 09:26:55 +1000
    Oh, by the way, I forgot to add that I have never had the luxury to afford Private Health cover. Now I need a full knee replacement & to find the money for that is absolutely impossible. I have not been able to work for 8 months & my Super pays me 75% of my wage at the moment. This does not give me anything spare once all my expenses have been covered.
  • commented 2013-04-29 09:23:58 +1000
    because this flows on to the pension payments, which is inadequate as it currently is, I am aware how desperately the pension clientele are in need of a rise in income to survive. they need this as much as the underpaid workers.
  • commented 2013-04-29 09:17:12 +1000
    $30/week will enhance my fortnightly wages to such a degree that I will be able to afford to pay off my home & get all other expenses under control that I am currently struggling to meet. With prices on a never ending spiral upwards, I have to struggle to pay my bills in part every month. This leaves me with very little for other things like food, clothing, running costs & repairs to my vehicle etc.

    Please, $30 a week is very little to ask for a pay rise for struggling families. I am also paying off a vehicle which hits my pocket hard. I don’t always have the luxury of buying little things like birthday gifts for my family. I see others a lot worse off than myself struggling to make ends meet, so please consider us for the $30 a week pay rise.
  • commented 2013-04-28 21:08:27 +1000
    Make life and living more affordable for families. $30 dollars a week would help!
  • commented 2013-04-28 18:55:27 +1000
    $30 will not cover the ordinary cost of living each household has to pay but we would be grateful for that….. I believe the government forgets that it is the ordinary low wage earner (who has to pay his tax each pay day) is the one who keeps giving and giving to pay goverment expenses. we have no option but to pay our taxes and we do not get any lurks and perks …. we just have to pay the drs and dentists etc and our electricity and rates etc with no discounts…. it would be so wonder ful to be able to afford medical insurance etc…. yes we are grateful we have jobs but we work hard and long hours for our wages and do not get much tax relief ….. My partner and I have both worked all our lives since we were both 16 and do not ask much just that we be able to be able to afford the small things we should be entitled to to live in this wonderful state and country…..
  • commented 2013-04-28 18:21:34 +1000
    the weekly wage now doesnt cover the cost of paying rent,buying food,running a car fuel etc,phone,electricity,paying for private health cover which the government would like us all to have which goes up very year i cant see $30 making much difference but hey i will take what ever i can get
  • commented 2013-04-28 17:53:35 +1000
    $30 a week pay increase is pathetic, $30 a day is more considerable for these low paid workers who are practaly living on the poverty line. Cleaners working across Australia in Shopping Centre’s, Hospitals, University’s get paid $17 dollars an hour for all the hard work that they do for some Australians they are BETTER off living on the Dole and having time to spend with there family’s. We wonder why unemployment rate is rising.
  • commented 2013-04-28 17:44:14 +1000
    to help pay the day to day expenses cost of living so far rises dont meet the amount of pay we get,electricity goes up food goes up.
  • commented 2013-04-28 17:35:37 +1000
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