Newman destroys lives with the stroke of a pen

United Voice has issued an ultimatum to Campbell Newman to reverses the new directive which over-rides EBA’s by Friday.

United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock says “we are currently seeking legal advice on what exactly can be done to reverse this decision- one thing is for sure we absolutely do not accept it.”

“With the stroke of a pen this Government has broken yet another pre-election promise with devastating consequences right across the public sector.”

“Thousands of school cleaners, health professionals and other Queenslanders woke up this morning to the news that their jobs are on the line.”

“That’s despite the fact the Premier promised them they had nothing to fear from his Government.”

“This is yet another example of the lies that got him elected and the ramifications for ordinary workers who believed his pre- election pledges.”

 “This begs the question what is an agreement with this government worth if they will just over-ride it?”

 “The Queensland Government is fast establishing itself as a dictatorship and the public will not stand for it.”

Broken promises from LNP:

“An LNP Government will honour existing Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.”

Election Commitment 13 December 2011

“An LNP Government would abide by any Certified Agreement.”

Election Commitment 8 March 2012

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