Newman's lies putting lives in danger

Branch Secretary Gary Bullock has called on the Newman Government to stop lying about the state of Queensland’s hospitals.

It comes as it was revealed over the weekend that an ambulance transporting a heart attack patient was turned away from three hospitals in Brisbane before eventually being directed to Ipswich, almost 60 km from where the patient was picked up.


Click here to watch the Channel 7 story.

Mr Bullock said “For the last number of weeks ambulance officers have been telling us that there have been increased instances of ramping and by-pass. However Campbell Newman and Lawrence Springborg have said publicly that ramping is a thing of the past and by-pass rarely happens- this is simply not true.”

“It’s a shame that it takes a case like this, where a critical patient is refused from 3 hospitals, to highlight the problems in our current hospital system and the effect it's having on patient care.”

Ambulance officers have told United Voice that by-passing certain hospitals is happening more and more because there are simply not enough beds available. The Prince Charles and the RBWH are the worst offenders with just last week one patient waiting on a stretcher for three hours. While on Sunday night there were six ambulances ramped at the PA Hospital at 11pm.

Mr Bullock said “Campbell Newman and Lawrence Springborg need to stop lying to the public and burying their heads in the sand. They need to tell us what they are going to do to fix the situation before it’s too late."

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