Newman slashes Ambulance Officers' pay by 13,000 dollars

The government has today targeted another arm of our emergency services in an unprecedented and unwarranted attack with its “mean and nasty” enterprise bargaining offer.

The offer will cost paramedics thousands of dollars over the life of the agreement, and slashes meal overtime penalties in return for a 2.2 per cent wage increase.

United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock says “This is an absolute joke and amounts to nothing more than another attack by Government on ambulance officers.”

“Since Campbell Newman took office he has been slowly trying to chip away at our trusted and valuable ambulance service.”

“First there was a proposal to move us under the shambles that is Queensland Health claiming it would fix ramping while an expert report confirmed our views-that the move would be a disaster.”

“Now they hit us with an offer like this which just shows how little value the Government has on a profession consistently ranked as one of the most trusted.”

“We have been forced into a serious position which warrants a serious response, that’s why we have called our colleagues in the United Fire Fighters Union to discuss a joint response.”

“Emergency Service workers care too much about the safety and wellbeing of Queenslanders and therefore will not take this lying down.”

“Delegates from both unions are meeting to discuss the situation on Monday and we will hold a joint press conference announcing details of our next course of action.”

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