Public Healthcare Budget Win

SC_Cancer_Scare_Not_Outsourced_Meme.jpgRadiation and oncology therapy workers are celebrating after Minister for Health Cameron Dick announced that cancer care services at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital will not be outsourced in Parliament today.

Hundreds of people signed petitions to keep the hospital’s radiation therapy services in-house, including many members of United Voice who were concerned about the impact outsourcing would have on the provision of care and on the workforce.

This is a great win for many of our members who were deeply concerned about the impact of outsourced cancer care services in the region.

Effective public healthcare should serve the Queensland public first and foremost, which is why this announcement is such a win for the Sunshine Coast community.


Outsourcing radiation therapy services wouldn’t only have impacted on the people needing to use radiation therapy services on the Sunshine Coast.

It would also have impacted on the workers there, and those employed at other facilities.

Workflow issues would likely have caused a diversion of work away from the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital and RBWH workers held grave concerns that retaining RT services at the hospital would no longer be deemed viable afterwards.

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