QML Bargaining Update

United Voice delegates and officials participated in the second QML Pathology enterprise bargaining meeting at Murarrie this week. A number of claims were discussed at this meeting, and an in-principle agreement has been reached on several United Voice claims, including:

  • Inserting a new clause compelling QML to begin bargaining 3 months prior to the expiration of the new Agreement – AGREED
  • A new Joint Consultative Committee will meet a minimum of 4 times per year – AGREED
  • Rosters are to be provided 2 weeks in advance - AGREED
  • By negotiation with management staff will have the ability to take part days off as annual leave - AGREED
  • Recognition of the rights of unions and union members – AGREED
  • Greater choice of Industry Superannuation funds – AGREED
  • Review into Classifications – AGREED
  • Guarantee of flexible return to work arrangements for maternity leave – AGREED

Although negotiations are still ongoing and the details of these changes are still to be finalised, United Voice members should recognise that they have taken yet another important step towards securing a new Agreement for all QML staff - one that delivers higher wages and better working conditions.

Claims relating to wages, allowances and leave will begin to be discussed at the next bargaining meeting, scheduled to take place on Tuesday November 10.

United Voice bargaining representative Lee-Ann Carroll described the process as having the potential to make incredibly significant and substantive changes to the lives of QML workers:

“Despite the difficulties, and despite the push back from management on a lot of issues, everyone should now see just how much can be achieved when we work together.”

Bargaining representative Emma Crisp noted one of the most impactful changes agreed to at the latest meeting was the guarantee to provide rosters two weeks in advance instead of one.

“Members have been treated unfairly in regards to rostering for a very long time. This is an important step forward and will have positive impacts on a lot of people in managing their work/life balance. But we can’t just leave it there; we have to continue to hold management to account. We have to make sure they recognise our rights.”

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