Queensland paramedics compete on world stage

Four Queensland ambulance officers have just returned from taking part in the Emergency Services (JEMS) Games in Baltimore, USA.

Simon Houstoun, Lawrence Odlin, Kroy Day and Casey James were invited to take part in the world paramedic competition after being involved in the Ferno Australia Paramedic Simulation Challenge last year.


United Voice team captain Simon Houstoun said the competition in Baltimore was a lot tougher than they expected. “Competing on the world stage was a different ball game altogether,” admits Simon. “We were up against some of the top emergency services professionals in the world and we definitely felt the pressure.

There was a lot of fire service skills such as rope usage, ladder climbing and harness work. So the US teams had a distinct advantage in this area”

The United Voice team did Queensland proud and finished as the top international team, beating London Ambulance Service and the winners of the Ferno Simulation Challenge, Team Auckland University.

The competition explored team performance, clinical excellence and communications skills by putting participants through a simulation of an emergency situation. The teams had to deal with the aftermath of a helicopter crash which proved extremely challenging.  With several injuries to handle, the competing teams had to assess the injuries, prioritise and successfully attend to each injury.

The New York Fire Department (FDNY) took the title of JEMS Games 2015 winners. Despite not making the final, Simon said his team did extremely well and is proud of their performance. “We definitely feel we held our own against some of the best in the world,” said Simon. “It was a great opportunity to showcase our skills and an honour to represent United Voice in such a prestigious competition. I know we would do it again in a heartbeat.”


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