Samira back at work after fight for reinstatement

Samira_Back_At_Work_FA.jpgSecurity worker Samira is back at work after fighting an unfair dismissal case with her union's backing.

Samira worked for ISS as an Aviation Protection Officer at Gold Coast Airport, before she was dismissed in July 2015.

Samira lost her job unfairly. She had fallen, hit her head and – in the confusion directly afterwards – she reported details of the fall incorrectly to her employer.

They sacked her for it.

With the support of her union, Samira has been able to challenge their decision through the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

United Voice represented Samira and helped her every step of the way to fight for her job back.

The FWC eventually ordered that Samira be reinstated back to work at the airport with full continuity of employment, including back pay for the loss of earnings.


Yesterday, Samira happily returned to work. She is very grateful to be back on the job and for the support she’s had throughout.

Samira’s story is just one of many where members have won back jobs or entitlements through being a member of their union.

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