Save Our Aussie Weekend

Footy, barbies and cricket on the beach. Dinner out, taking the kids to sport or a good old-fashioned sleep-in.

Our sacred Aussie weekend is under threat. Major employers are fighting hard to reduce or remove weekend penalty rates.  If they succeed, that means people will have to work more to make ends meet, and have even less time together on the weekends.

Now Campbell Newman has a plan to abolish penalty rates for hundreds of thousands of Queensland workers.

For more than 60 years, our treasured moments with family and friends have been protected by penalty rates. If you work on a weekend, you're compensated – it's as simple, as fair and as Australian as that.

Join in and help save penalty rates, before our Aussie weekend disappears forever.

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Dear Premier Newman

I'm opposed to your plan to move Queensland workers out of the Fair Work Act to abolish penalty rates.

When workers are required to work on weekends and public holidays they deserve to be paid extra. 

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