Serco Sodexo

20150630-Serco-RedundancyVictory2.pngThere is some good news for United Voice members who worked for Serco Sodexo Defence Services.

United Voice has fought hard to protect members redundancy entitlements for permanent and part time employees. And today we won!

Today lawyers for SSDS have withdrawn their claim to avoid paying eligible members redundancy pay.

Eligible workers who have not been paid redundancy pay will be paid redundancy pay. 

This includes members who have taken new jobs with incoming contractors. United Voice has been advised that banking details will be the one that was used by SSDS. It is anticipated that payments will be done in approximately 2 weeks.

This is breaking news so there are many details that will become clearer over coming days. If you have any questions please contact Member Assist on 1800 065 885.

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