Soaring childcare costs reinforces the need for urgent Government funding

New research carried out by United Voice shows the cost of childcare in Queensland has jumped by over 10% in one year.

However, hundreds of Childcare Educators are continuing to leave the sector because they cannot live on the low wages.

Despite the rise in the cost of childcare, workers are still being paid $18.06 an hour which is leading to a mass exodus of workers in favour of higher paid jobs.

United Voice Queensland Secretary, Gary Bullock, says “this latest survey only reinforces the huge problems in our childcare sector and strengthens the need for drastic change”.

“This evening, members will meet with Capricornia’s local Labor MP, Kirsten Livermore and call on her to support their campaign for professional wages.”

“We want her to take the message with her to Government that this is an urgent issue which needs to be addressed immediately.”

“We need a commitment that the Government is prepared to back Childcare Educators and enable them to get a professional wage for the important work they do.”

“We have identified 1.4 billion dollars is needed to get the industry back on track and these latest figures show this has to happen sooner rather than later.”

“If we don’t see renewed Government intervention soon, the problem will continue to escalate. We need serious change in order to have the best childcare system for parents, educators and most importantly, children.”

To arrange interviews with an Educator, Director and/or a parent please contact Susan Butler on 0428 189 130/073 291 4610.

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