Thousands Rally Behind Sacked Worker


Current and former workers at the Capalaba Sports Club say a decision by their employer to push them on to an agreement that removes their penalty rates and slashes their pay is underhand, unfair and may be illegal.

Workers were recently called in to a meeting where they were told a company called Hospitality X was taking over staff management at the Club.

“We were told that we had to sign a new agreement that traded away our penalty rates,” former employee and United Voice member Samarah Wilson said.

“If we didn’t sign, we no longer had a job at the Capalaba Sports Club,” Samarah said.

“I couldn’t afford to take a $5,000 annual hit while maintaining the same hours, and I also thought that what we were being asked to do was really unfair, so I didn’t sign.

“Losing my job was incredibly stressful, but the whole situation has been even worse for many of the workers who are still there now and struggling to make ends meet.

“I think what the club has done is disgusting and I’d like to see them immediately reinstate penalty rates and issue an apology for every worker whose life has been affected by this decision.”

Samarah Wilson’s petition can be accessed at


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