Workers rally for rights

Hundreds of Queenslanders took part in a protest outside Parliament House against Campbell Newman’s constant attack on Queenslanders earlier this week.

The ‘Rally for Rights’ comes following the latest changes to Industrial Relations laws which takes away even more rights and entitlements from working Queenslanders.

In a spate of new legislation, the Newman Government has attempted to remove the right to free speech and freedom of association.

While the government is also targeting the courts by disregarding the separation of powers and attempting to influence the judiciary.

The latest industrial relations bill limits worker’s bargaining power, takes away valuable conditions and denies workers the right to take industrial action.

Speakers at the rally branded it “Worse than Workchoices” while members of the legal community hit out at the recent changes to WorkCover which will affect the ability of thousands of workers to claim for work related injuries.

The crowd including workers, union members, lawyers and students were all very vocal in their opposition to Campbell Newman's Government with one speaker branding the constant legislative changes as "Bad law from a bad Premier."

Tuesday’s rally was the first in a number of similar protests with actions also being held in regional areas in the coming weeks.

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