Ambo Update

Ambo Update

The news bulletin for ambulance officer members. In this issue ...

  • United Voice recoups underpayment of wages for graduates
  • Did you know?
  • Patient transport officers gain full-time employment
  • Good news for EMD trained paramedic graduates
  • EMDs have certainty on career progression
  • Triple zero tolerance national day of action


Over the past few weeks United Voice has assisted GPIP members who attended the Commonwealth Games in filing claims for underpayment of wages.


Many GPIPs who were initially unaware of their entitlements have now had their payments corrected with over $5000 being recouped. This has occurred due to the work put in by United Voice delegates on the ground during the Games assisting these members with the process and delivering an outcome.

We have been contacted by more members this week seeking assistance.

As a result, United Voice has now requested that QAS do an audit of wages on the group of GPIPs involved.

If you or anyone you know was a part of the GPIP Commonwealth Games group and wish to put in a pay query, please email us at

Did You Know?

In all LASNs where vehicles are fitted with MDTs, it is a requirement to activate the status buttons: On Case; On Scene; Depart Scene; At Hospital; Available and Clear buttons as per standard operational procedures regardless if you have used the GWN radio.

It is also important to note that you must hit Request To Clear when you have completed a case.

This not only allows the QAS to monitor and record the response cycle but also provides officer safety and welfare.

In LASNs not equipped with MDTs this action must be done over the radio in compliance with local guidelines.

It is understood that on occasions these operational steps can be easily overlooked. However, if this process is overlooked on a regular basis, it could result in QAS reviewing an officer’s performance and lead to possible disciplinary action...


Due to the support and assistance of their union, a group of long-term casual PTO employees have now gained full-time positions.

United Voice advocated over many months for these members by ensuring correct criteria and application processes were being met.

As a result, they each successfully gained a full-time position with QAS in Patient Transport.

Congratulations to these members and credit to those delegates who assisted.

Good news for EMD trained paramedic graduates

After some rigorous consultation between United Voice and the QAS, last year’s group of Paramedic graduates who were employed to train as EMDs now have their transition to GPIP secured.

Thanks to the work of their union, the transition of the group into the GPIP intake at Whyte Island will start in June and should be finalised by February 2019.

The EMD trained graduates are part of a QAS alternative employment pathway into paramedicine.

Over the next few months whilst waiting for their placement to Whyte Island, United Voice has negotiated for these EMDs to be regularly rostered to participate on-road as clinical observers with qualified paramedics.

Congratulations to these members and we wish them luck into the next phase of their chosen profession.


Trainee EMDs employed before 1 September 2017 now have certainty that once successfully completing their training they will progress to the next pay point at least 12 months from the date of commencement with QAS.

There had been a lot of conjecture that these trainees would have to wait 12 months from 1 September 2017 regardless of how long they had already worked or when the relevant qualifications were attained.

Additionally, full-time EMDs that work in a call taking capacity have belatedly progressed to the higher pay point that was negotiated in the 2017 Certified Agreement.


The Triple Zero Tolerance group has decided to postpone their national day of action pending further discussion and planning with NSW Ambulance and other key stakeholders. We will keep members updated once we receive more information.


In an effort to ensure a continued high level of patient and emergency care with the growing demands in the community, Sunshine Coast LASN welcomed the opening of its brand new multi-million dollar Birtinya Ambulance Station.

The station was officially opened last Tuesday by Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Steven Miles.

United Voice State Councillor for Sunshine Coast LASN Tamara Hutley was on hand  to welcome the 10 paramedics and six clinical education staff who will be based  at the new station.