Ambulance Officers

Ambulance Officers

Ambulance officers have a difficult and incredibly important job to do under high pressure to keep Queenslanders safe and support them through some of their most difficult times.

Unfortunately, all too often many of our paramedics are subjected to abuse and assault as they attempted to perform this role.

Together with their union United Voice, Ambulance Officers actively promote a message of zero-tolerance of violence through a No Excuse for Abuse campaign.

The campaign seeks to reduce incidents of abuse by raising awareness of the fact that Ambulance Officers, like everyone else, don’t deserve to be attacked or assaulted for doing a their job and have the right to go to work and return home safely at the end of the day.

United Voice actively participates in a number of structured forums with the QAS to resolve workplace and industrial issues.  These processes are enshrined in the Ambulance Service Employment Award and the Queensland Ambulance Service Certified Agreement.

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