Annual increase to rates of pay

Annual increase to rates of pay

As of 1 September the second increase of the Queensland Ambulance Service Certified Agreement 2017 is payable as an annual increase for all employees. 
1 September is also the date for any movement between increments within a band of the classification based on – 

  • Satisfactory work performance and conduct of at least 12 months’ duration (unless otherwise stated) at the current increment level that is certified by the relevant manager; and
  • Maintenance and development of skills/Certificate of Practice.

Members will recall from the enterprise bargaining information sessions that each year over the life of this agreement will see significant increases. By the third year of the Agreement members will be anywhere between $9000 to $24000 PA better off than where they were this time last year. 
The kind of increases this bargaining process delivers over the next few years is something certainly worth celebrating. It is timely that we acknowledge the hard work of members through the remuneration inquiry and the EB negotiations that delivered this great outcome.
It is only by working together that we can achieve these well-deserved gains. 

Detailed information on the progression through the classification structure can be found in the Certified Agreement [pdf] and detailed information in Schedule 4 – Progression and Maintenance Arrangements. 

The new wage rates outlined as an annual salary and as a fortnightly amount can be found in Schedule 1 – Wage Rates.
LASN management have been asked to provide information back to QAS and the payroll provider QSS so that the transition to new increments can be paid along with the 2.5% increase.
There are a small number of members who may not be eligible for movement to the next increment on 1 September and a separate process will be required when applicable – this may affect you if –

  • Your 12-month progression is due after 1 September 2018
  • You are in higher duty roles
  • You are at the highest increment for your role
  • Your role is not part of the Queensland Ambulance Service Certified Agreement 2017.

If you have any queries regarding where you sit in the automatic process to be rolled out for 1 September please contact your United Voice Delegate or Organiser.