Why Union?

Being a member of a union is about being part of a team that supports each other and fights together to help build better working lives.

The bigger the team, the stronger and more persuasive the voice – which is why unions are successful in advocating for improved working conditions, more skill development, better career pathways, and fairer wages and entitlements.

United Voice comprises workers, delegates and union representatives who are committed to fighting injustice in the workplace to ensure employers and governments don’t take advantage of hardworking Queenslanders.

By standing united we’re in the best position to pressure these decision makers who hold your livelihood in their hands. Together, we can bring about positive change that you want to see.

Check out some of our recent wins for our members here.

What we offer

With United Voice behind you, support is right there when you need it. Being a member of United Voice Queensland entitles you to a lot of great benefits, including:

  • Access to information about your rights at work
  • Help interpreting enterprise agreements, Awards and other workplace documents
  • Industrial advice, support and protection
  • Advice on workplace health and safety issues
  • Trained delegates to support you in the workplace
  • Opportunities to become an active member
  • Access to United Voice training courses (conditions apply)
  • Informative newsletters and email bulletins
  • Collaboration on Facebook and Twitter
  • A dedicated Ambulance App
  • Benefits that can save you money with a variety of retailers and service providers
  • Union Health fund offers members first rate private health insurance cover for hospital and extras. Call 1300 661 283 for information.
  • ME (Members Equity) bank offers members innovative, low-cost banking and loan products. Call 13 15 63 for information.
  • Windsor Income Protection offers members insurance cover for funeral benefits (conditions apply). Call 1300 547 966 for information.
  • Help from our Member Assist team seven days a week. Call us on 1800 065 885 (toll free) or (07) 3291 4600 or complete the online contact form.   

Union membership fees may also be tax deductable.