Congratulations teacher aide Bev Slater

Congratulations teacher aide Bev Slater

Teacher Aide Delegate Bev Slater recently retired from Education Queensland after being employed at Redland Bay State School for almost 40 years.

Bev has been a proud United Voice member since 1986, serving on many committees to fight for improved conditions and a classification system for teacher aides.

She was a founding member of the Teacher Aide Industry Committee and was instrumental in organising the Redlands Teacher Aide Network, which is still one of the best attended area networks.

Bev is a true believer in union and in fighting for workers’ rights.

In addition to supporting rights for education workers, Bev has also been vocal at rallies supporting penalty rates and aged care workers, as well as Labour Day activities every year.

Bev will be greatly missed by her work and union colleagues. We wish to congratulate her on her retirement and her commitment to improving the lives of all workers, particularly those in the education sector.