Bonner MP to feel heat over penalty rate cuts

Bonner MP to feel heat over penalty rate cuts

Workers in the bayside suburbs and their union, United Voice, will mark the second anniversary of weekend penalty rate cuts with a high-visability demonstration outside the LNP Bonner MP Ross Vasta’s electorate office this Saturday.


United Voice co-ordinator Damien Davie said Mr Vasta needed to explain to the people of Bonner why he voted in parliament to cut weekend rates eight times since February 2017.

“More than 3100 workers in the Bonner electorate are now up to $2000 worse off per annum for working an average Sunday shift,” Mr Davie said.

“We’re here to tell Mr Vasta and the Morrison Government that the Bonner community will not accept cuts to weekend penalty rates, and it’s time they were restored.

“People realise that slashing weekend rates hits workers with a pay cut they can’t afford and don’t deserve – especially when you consider the personal sacrifices they make to work weekends and public holidays.

“We think it’s only fair that weekend workers should be adequately compensated for making those sacrifices.

“These cuts are an attack on the basic rights of workers to earn a decent, living wage.

“Scott Morrison has voted 8 times in Parliament to cut penalty rates. The obvious question is – who is next on the chopping block? No one’s weekend is safe with the LNP in government.

“It’s promising to see that Federal Labor has committed to restoring penalty rates within 100 days of being elected. It’s time for Scott Morrison and the LNP to do the right thing by workers.

“Everyone deserves to have a job they can count on, and to be paid fairly for the hours they work.”