Cairns ambos fear for local lives as health situation worsens

Cairns ambos fear for local lives as health situation worsens

MEDIA RELEASE: Cairns ambulance officers are increasingly worried Federal funding cuts will have deadly consequences for the community, after a horror day for local crews left ambulance vehicles ramped for hours yesterday (Thursday 14 March).           

United Voice delegate and Cairns paramedic Jen Miran said she had been ramped for more than two hours, waiting with a patient to be taken in by Cairns Hospital.

“The situation here is dire and it’s getting worse by the day, yet our Federal Member Warren Entsch is doing nothing about it,” Ms Miran said.

“The Federal Government has left us with a multi-million dollar hole in funding for health, which has devastating consequences for ambulance services.

“We need Mr Entsch to start listening to our community and take our concerns down to Canberra before someone loses their life.”

United Voice delegate and Cairns emergency medical dispatcher Michelle Mantgaris said ramping had been at the highest level for most of the day, which meant a formal incident management response was escalated.

“I’ve been in this job for 16 years now and I’ve never seen it this bad,” Ms Mantgaris said.

“It’s stressful trying to direct emergency vehicles to respond to other patients while I can see them stuck there at the hospital unable to leave.

“Something has to give, because the current situation is at crisis point.”

United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock said Warren Entsch needed to stand up for his community, and demand the $316 million the Federal Government owes Queensland Hospitals.

“Why has Mr Entsch been silent on this issue when local ambulance officers and health workers are pleading for more resources?

“He needs to tell his LNP mates in Canberra this isn’t good enough, we need this funding now,” Mr Bullock said.

“We’re also calling on the State Government to step in and fund 250 additional paramedics, to ensure our ambulance officers can continue to respond to incidents in the community.”