Did you Know? - Transfers

Did you Know? - Transfers

There are several types of transfers where a uniformed operational QAS officer may transfer from one establishment position to another ...


  • Redeployment. The voluntary appointment of an employee to a vacant position of equal or lower rank.
  • Officer Initiated Lateral Transfer (Voluntary Transfer). A transfer requested by an officer to a position of equivalent or lower rank.
  • Management Initiated Lateral Transfer. A transfer of an officer that is initiated by managers in response to operational necessity.
  • Compassionate Transfer. A transfer requested by an officer as a result of an officer's personal hardship or other personal circumstances that are considered to merit such action.
  • Voluntary Mutual Exchanges. A transfer mutually requested by two officers of equivalent rank.
  • Appointment Transfer. A transfer as a result of appointment to a position advertised in the DES Gazette.
  • Term Transfer Appointments. These are transfers for a mutually agreed term by both the officer and management, with a guarantee of return to the officer's station of origin or a mutually predetermined alternative.
  • Safer Duties Transfer. Also known as alternative duties or lighter duties transfer. This is a transfer authorised by the QAS Medical Director as a consequence of injury, illness or risks associated with pregnancy of female officers where hazards connected with the work assigned to the officer make it inadvisable for them to continue their present work.
    These transfers should not be confused with relieving, secondments or large scale recruitment and selection of student paramedic officers.

The most common type of transfer we receive enquiries about here at United Voice is Voluntary Transfers (VT).
It is important to remember that your application for VT expires every 12 months and the more popular the LASN the longer the VT list will be.
The QAS policy procedure for VT is:

Officer Initiated Lateral Transfers (Voluntary Transfers) - All Other Positions
Officers wishing to apply for transfer to positions of equivalent or lower rank (excluding permanent paramedic vacancies) are to submit the following documentation:

  • QAS application for transfer form.
  • Responses to the selection criteria for the position. Current position descriptions are available from Regional Offices.
  • Resume, including referees.

The application for transfer should be forwarded to the officer's current Assistant Commissioner. Officers wishing to apply for transfer outside of their region are to forward a second copy to the Assistant Commissioner of the region where the desired position is located. Assistant Commissioners are to acknowledge receipt of the application by returning the bottom section of the 'Application for Transfer' to the officer applying for transfer.
Applications for transfer are to be held at the Regional Office for a period of 12 months. If no positions become vacant within 12 months, the application will lapse. Officers may reapply annually.
An officer may withdraw or add to their 'Application for Transfer' at any time within the 12 month period that the application is active. Submission of a new application for Transfer restarts the 12 month validation period.
For more information look up the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) Transfers policy on the portal.